Please send your prayer request to:



Prayers for Charity Miley, who is suffering from cervical cancer.


Prayers for Wally Hammond - he will have his hip replacement soon. Prayers for a successful surgery, and quick recovery.


Prayers for Brittany Benzel, who is hospitalized with neurological issues stemming from long COVID. Prayers lifted to guide the medical professionals to accurate and speedy treatment.


Prayers for the Hamilton and Airam families - Joanne will have surgery soon. Prayers for successful surgery and healing.


Prayer for Greta Frederico, who is recovering from shoulder surgery. Prayers for continued success in healing and physical therapy. Joy to see her again today in worship!


Prayer for Ardis Gustafson, who is recovering from vertigo and dehydration. She is doing better!

Prayers for Nancy January, resting and recovering from ventricular fibrillation. She is seeing a cardiologist this next week for more direction. Prayers for peace, healing, and decisive medical care.
Prayers for Jim Smith, the brother-in-law of Jim Edwards. Jim lives in Santa Fe, NM and was diagnosed, in early August, with a rare type of cancer that has spread rapidly. He is now at home under Hospice care.  Prayers for peace for Jim and his family as they navigate these final days together.
Prayers requested for the friend of a member who was helping a family in need move - He got bit by a dog, within 24 hours it got badly infected. The surgery and hospital treatment appear to have saved the hand. Prayers for a quick recovery. 
Prayers for Jim Boyce, who has ALS.

Prayers for Laurie Wilburn, daughter of Jim Edwards.  She continues to battle stage-four non-smoker lung cancer and is having medical issues with many internal organs.  Prayers for guidance to the medical professionals to discern a treatment pathway and ease complications.