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Good morning Church family! We are a praying church, and we also take time to lift up thanks and praises. Please make room in your prayer time for these people.


  • Praises for the fantastic volunteers that packed and delivered 55 full Turkey Boxes to Avalon.  In addition to the above, we received 10 Turkeys that morning; in addition to the 55 Boxes, Desert Chapel also delivered 10 additional Turkeys! Praises for generosity and abundance!


Prayer Concerns

  • We pray for Bill Garriott, who is having a heart procedure on Tuesday.
  • We pray for Ernestine, who has been suffering from an allergic reaction to medication since Thanksgiving.
  • We pray for Joyce Fielder, one of our winter visitors from Canada, who is having surgery on her lip for cancer on November 29th
  • Please keep Shirley Hart in your prayers.  She has been a faithful member of Desert Chapel but over the last few years has not been able to attend because of health issues.
  • Please pray for healing for Charity Miley, she is only 43 and has cervical cancer and needs our prayers.
  • Please pray for comfort and a quick recovery for Rosemary Gille who works at the community feast on Saturdays. She had emergency stomach surgery and is recovering in the hospital. 

Continued Prayers

  • Please pray for good results during surgery and healing for Mike and Mariann's granddaughter, Sarah Palmer, who is having medical problems that could affect her ability to have children
  • We pray for Betty Falkofske, who fell in June and broke bones in her neck and shoulder. She has more x-rays scheduled along with an eye operation coming up in December. Betty is still at home in Prescott, Wisconsin. Betty is struggling with pain and slow healing.
  • We pray for relationship healing and peace for a grandmother who is estranged from her son, his family, and her granddaughters without a known reason.
  • We pray for Laura Martin, niece of Eleanor Edwards. Laura is fighting colon cancer.
  • We pray for Nancy January's brother who is experiencing several serious health issues. Prayers for discernment, and to guide the medical professionals.
  • We pray for Judy McMillian, who fell and broke both elbows.  She is in a lot of pain and needs constant help.  Prayers for healing and comfort.
  • Continued prayers for Jim Graham, Mike and Mariann's son-in-law as he continues chemotherapy.
  • Continued prayers for Peggy Cabrinha's son, who continues to struggle with serious medical issues.  New medications have been prescribed; we pray that they work and he starts the road to recovery and comfort
  • Continued prayers  for peace, resolution, and healing for Viola Cleo Bradshaw
  • Continued prayers for Cordelia Vogel, to heal her mind and for her heart troubles
  • Continued prayers for Jim Boyce, who has ALS.
  • Continued prayers for Laurie Wilburn, daughter of Jim Edwards.  She continues to battle stage-four non-smoker lung cancer