Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support of all of our missions here at Desert Chapel. In addition to our monthly mis-sions, volunteers are continually giving their time and talents in helping our neighbors and community.
The Community Feast and Clothing Closet open their doors every Saturday. Hot meals are served to everyone who comes. The Clothing Store opens and folks are welcome to come in and shop for things they need. Thank you volunteers!!
The Blessing Box is being replenished on a daily basis. We have been blessed by receiving items from Gold Canyon, which Norm picks up weekly. We are not monitoring who takes what or how often they take things from the box – this is between them and God. What we do know, is that, by the notes received, the box is a blessing to our neighbors. Thank you all for putting items in the Box!!
There are many other things going on behind the scene – like the pew prowlers, helpers in the office and those that help with repairs around the Church. What a wonderful blessing it is that we have so many thoughtful and giving members!!

June Missions - 2017
Our mission for June is to help Heifer International, whose mission is to end hunger and poverty around the world. The end of 2015, we were able to purchase the Ark. If you would like additional in-formation on Heifer International, please see Norm Ross.
July Missions - 2017
Our mission for July is to collect school supplies for Avalon School. Last year we collected back packs, notebooks, paper, pencils, glue sticks and many other needed supplies. We will be receiving an updated list of supplies needed and will post these in the weekly bulletins.

If anybody would like to help with our weekly Community
Feast, preparing Food Boxes or helping in our Clothing
Closet, please let Norm Ross, Pat Wagaman, Pam Wagner
or Bev Hren know. We welcome, with open arms, all
who would like to help!!