Desert Chapel Chargers

The Chargers met on Sunday, March 24 in Fellowship Hall and discussed the past season and planned for 2019-2020. We plan to improve our promotion efforts by selling tickets in advance, possibly advertising in the newspaper, placing sandwich
board signs out a day or two before the breakfast, and we will ask those in mobile home parks to post information about the breakfasts.

Thanks to the Desert Chapel congregation as well as many people in the community the 2018-2019 Pancake Breakfast season was successful. This past season in addition to the third Saturday breakfasts, held November through March, a Happy New Year spaghetti dinner was held in January. All profits from
the pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinner go to the church and this year we are happy to report that profits of $2,000 will be contributed to the General Fund of the church.

Each member brought something to add to the Blessing Box and a light lunch was enjoyed by all after the meeting.