Message from Pastor Iain

I am writing this about six days before the end of January. It is very Cold, at least for me. This is not good for Joint pain, and general demeanor! I have lived in a warm climate for over 45 years, I cannot adjust to these few cold months each year which seem to be stretching out longer and getting colder. Maybe it is just advancing years.


As we approach the next major event of the

Christian year, Lent, we know that Easter is not too far away. And then because Lent begins so early then there will be lots of Trinity Sundays, or Sundays after Pentecost, twenty five this year.


It will not be long before then we will say “goodbye” to our winter guests, and then it will be time to begin the Journey to the Cross, and then Easter. Then we will be into summer before you know it! Summer is the Best!


Blessings to you all. Iain