Message from Pastor Iain

The end of the Christian calendar year is approaching. The final Sunday of the year is Christ the King Sunday which this year is November 20th. Then we commence with the four Sundays of Advent beginning with November27th. The last Sunday of the year is Christmas day.

I hope we can begin a study series for advent, looking at some of the customs and facts (and fiction) surrounding Jesus’ birth. We often do not know the reasons for some of the facts reported in the nativity narrative.

If you would like to do some homework prior to the class I can recommend two books to read: The first is Two from Galilee, by Marjorie Holmes. The second is Not a Silent Night, by Adam Hamilton. These books look at the story of Jesus’ birth in challenging ways.

We will look into how Joseph fits into the story, and why he seems to disappear after Jesus is about 12 years of age. What became of Him? What biblical evidence is there after the story of Jesus staying behind in the Temple when the family visits Jerusalem for Passover. (Luke chpt. 2:41-52). We will also examine the myths and legends, as well as the biblical record of the shepherds and the Wise Men.


How is your supply of Myrrh?