From the Pastor's Desk

Coming Home for Christmas


As we begin the new year, with all the uncertainties and challenges before us, it is my prayer that we can, above all else, love. Love the people we know. Love the people we don’t know. Love the stranger. Love the dirty. Love the ugly. Love the ungodly. Love the politician. 

It’s dangerous to love. You might get hurt. You might get humiliated. You might find that you’re not as loveable as you think you are. You might find that loving others changes you. I heard this poem on the radio this week, and it made me consider the cost of love. It was written sometime in the 12th or 13th century by a Spanish Jewish Philosopher named JehudaHaLevi. 

                            “Tis a Fearful Thing” 

                              ‘Tis a fearful thing 

                      to love what death can touch. 

                                   A fearful thing 

                      to love, to hope, to dream, to be – 

                                          to be, 

                                  And oh, to lose. 

                               A thing for fools, this, 

                                 And a holy thing, 

                                      a holy thing 

                                          to love. 

                            For your life has lived in me, 

                              your laugh once lifted me, 

                               your word was gift to me. 

                      To remember this brings painful joy. 

                               ‘Tis a human thing, love, 

                                   a holy thing, to love 

                              what death has touched.” 


                                    ― Yehuda HaLevi


See you in church!
Pastor Sharon