Message from Pastor Iain

Last Message from Pastor Iain:

Well, this is it: My final missive to you as your Pastor. This is the end of my second year of a one year appointment. I am not at all sorry that it stretched to two years, it just put back our proposed trip to New Zealand by a year. It has been a pleasure serving this church as your pastor, and all that that entails. One thing I have noticed is that you are by-and-large, a healthy congregation!

In other congregations I have served half of my time was spent visiting homes and hospitals. I pray that you will continue to retain your good constitutions. As I leave I take with me memories of happy times and sad times, of a full church, and a church where there was lots of empty pews. The main thing is that the members who are here all year kept the place open and ready to receive our winter residents, I am grateful to them. There are many of you that share your talents in different ways, and all are so generous with your time and abilities.

When something needs doing at Desert Chapel, there are always volunteers. This is the first time I have served a church where there was no full-time staff, but we made it work! I am not going to name names, because I am sure to miss someone, and that would be unfair. Suffice it to say, I will remember you, and so will our Lord. Blessings to all of you and keep doing the Lords work. Support Philip your new Pastor as you have supported me.

Yours in Christian Love. Iain