Thoughts from Pastor Iain

 This has been an unusual year for weather both round the world, the country , and here in Arizona. This is certainly been a Monsoon season to remember, and it is not over for another few weeks. We have had floods, high winds, very unseasonable temperatures compared to the last several years.

 I have lived in Arizona for 38 years and have experienced many monsoon sum- mers, but there have been few memorable ones in the last fifteen years. I remember the first Monsoon storm I went through in 1983, my first year here, there was extensive flooding, with the subsequent road closures. There were also some amazing dust storms which reduced visibility to only a few feet.

 Before all the bridges were completed Monsoon season created quite a challenge to get around the valley with only a few options to cross the Salt River. Since the creation of Tempe Town Lake, New Mill Avenue Bridge, and the Price Road /16th St bridges, life has been easier for commuters, although the closing of McKellips Crossing needs to be remembered, but the 202 has eased that situation.

 The Church building having weathered the storms quite well. The new Sanctu- ary roof has for the most part held up. We are well posi- tioned to take care of the roof with the insurance policy we have, and final sealing and refixing of the ‘Pigeon Guards’ is all taking place. There has only been one tree which needed extensive trim- ming after the wind. Fortunately, Randy was able to take care of it, and no build- ings were damaged.

We are looking forward to the return of our winter residents, and within about five weeks we expect to see lots of smiling faces from Northern Latitudes. Once winter visitors arrive, we hope to reform the Choir and maybe the Handbells too. Despite our weather, our ministry here in the East Valley continues to strength.

Food Pantry, Clothing Closet and the Saturday Feast are all very active, and our Sunday Worship is small but mighty. Our talented Musicians continue to lead is with joy and melody.

The Fall brings new opportunities as well as some challenges. We trust that all will willingly join in and become active as the cooler months arrive. There is still work to be done for the Kingdom of God in this area. I would like to explore some new ideas with any interested members. More details next month...

Blessing and Peace to all God’s Children.


Pastor Iain