Thoughts from Pastor Iain

As I begin to write this Newsletter, I am about to start my second year as your Pastor. It has been an interesting time, returning from retirement, and the Country returning from Pandemic, with the warning from China and even our own government, that another round of infections and variants is on its way this Summer or Fall.


I tend not to believe the hype. I still believe that there are more problems created by government than are solved by it. If we use our common sense, and do what we know is right, I think the disease will be no worse than a common cold, and that we can survive it with normal precautions.


I have wanted to talk about the next subject for some time, but was not sure if the timing was right:


The end of Church on Sunday, a new visitor was hanging back before filing out, which usually means they have something to say or ask. As this gentleman finally reached me in the line, he asked a simple question, but one which needs a careful answer.
“Is this Church going to stay with the Traditional Methodist Church or go with the Progressives?”


I answered in the most direct way and the way I had been thinking about for years. “I believe this congregation, being of about the same age as myself will opt to stay with Traditional Methodism, but the conference may chose to go a different way.” Now that was my own feelings and my belief, and I must add that I have friends who are of the opposite opinion, and some will protest loudly if I were to espouse my views in public. I wanted to bring this up Annual Conference, but I know the position of many of the clergy, and especially the Bishop and so decided to keep quiet until the time is right. I believe we should be guided by God.


If you have any thoughts of questions, do not hesitate to talk to me. Iain